Grzegorz Wolski

Dominik Kutrowski

Grzegorz Wolski - born 1980 in Szczecin, 
Master of Science in Mechanical engineering,
Bachelor degree in Computer programming.
Dominik Kutrowski - born 1982 in Szczecin, 
Master of Science in Mechanical engineering.

We have met on our second year of study. Why, how, and whatever no one remembers.
We started to use computer programimg as a way to solve mathematical problems.
Then part of thesis was a computer program. After studies we worked in same
company but in different sections. To reduce costs we rented same apartment and
from time to time meet in corridor or kitchen. One of such meetings end up in
a general discussion about computer stuff.
The question: "Why there is no recurrential compresion?" was on our agenda for
some years. For details please check the "How it has happened" page.

Now we still work in the same company but Grzegorz has moved to Norway and
Dominik to Denmark in search of challenges. All our work on Exsiccate was done
in our free time.