GamesCom stand:

GamesCom stand.

11.10.2015 Rand-O-meteR update

Some changes to the program. Now it was used on Windows 10. Minimum size of file was changed to 1k. If smaller size of file will be used it will crash or make strange calculations. Program behind was changed so now it uses memory more reasonable. Calculation algorithm was changed to be more accurate but we are still testing it. Spread of results on small files is too big. For files of medium size it is working well. 


16.03.2015 Rand-O-meteR update

We have noted that version delivered on page is out of date. Therefore we will prepare new version of this software and some update to what and how it calculates and why it is important for our approach to file compression.


06.02.2015 Plans for this year.

Having in our minds the need for spreading the word about recurrent compression possibilities we think about attending some event in year 2015. Right now we are investigating what would be the best choice for showing lossless compression. If you have an idea, or you are an organizer, please send us email. We will inform later this year when we decide where to show up.


11.08.2014 Minor wording update.

Recently I have read our own page again and got a feeling that some statements are not spelled correctly, or their meaning can be not clear. All in all pages are same, only minor grammar corrections.


19.01.2014 Bit late update. 

As we showed on GamesCom, program was supposed to be ready in begining of December 2013. And it was. Well, it still is. What we have not taken under our consideration is fact that we have discovered new approach to the recurent packing. We are now investigating this new possibility as we do not want to show you working solution if we can show you better solution. 


30.08.2013 Promised picture

I have put it on the side so this page will look better. You can click to to see bigger version. 


25.08.2013 Gamescom is over and we have been there. 

It is very nice of you all who have said hello. We will now take some time to take a look at your pages and make replies to all of you who have left visit cards. Unfortunately it can take up to two weeks. I hope that all of you are happy with the event. We will upload some pictures later this week. 


19.08.2013 Grand opening of this page. 

I am thrilled to anounce that our page is ready to wiev. There is couple of links missing that we are aware of. If you have comments, please do not hesitate and contact us. 


25.07.2013 Gamescom. 

We have decided to pay a visit to European gaming industry event so if everything go well you can meet us there.